We have the K9 handling jobs for you!.
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    K9 Jobs Worldwide is a community to put handlers together with potential employers from across the globe. We maintain contacts with employers that need k9 handlers with any level of experience. It does not matter if your experience is narcotics, explosives, patrol, or even specialty detection services like bed bug detection. K9 Jobs Worldwide always has new jobs posted.
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    K9 Jobs Worldwide is the creation of real working dog handlers. Not only do we have extensive experience in law enforcement and military functions in the US. We have also been the guys on the ground, looking for overseas opportunities. Our staff has handled K9s all over the Middle East.
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    Upload your resume to your profile, and even if you are not searching the network we have created you may be contacted by a potential employer. We allow companies to come in and browse through resumes.


Are you an experienced K9 Handler that is looking for employment, or are you an employer looking for experienced handlers for your contract needs? K9 Jobs Worldwide has collected hundreds of resumess and job postings that are strictly K9. Please take a few minutes to explore our page, then sign up and start searching jobs. After registration you will also have the ability to join in the discussions on our FORUMS. Within The forum you can talk to other handlers from across the world.


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